Sunday, June 1, 2008

water towers #1

"water towers #1.
13th st. and 4th ave. NYC "

5x7 oil on clayboard. 05-31-08


Depending on the train I take in the morning I often pass by this scene on my way to work. The other morning feeling particularly enterprising I was down there near Union Square at the unholy hour of eight in the morning. To my groggy surprise the powers that be seem to treat those brave enough to face the early day with an exquisite light and fortunately for all concerned I had my camera. Prudence and I were looking over this painting and the source photo last night and it was remarkable how without a name or title one most certainly would know this scene as uniquely New York. And yet, the precarious little water towers on their stilts in the sky somehow hearkens up an Asian or Mongolian influence of yore. The water tower theme is one which I plan to exploit further because they seem to have a lonely stature up there overlooking the city. Not well carved omens of granite and marble like the gargoyles, the water towers are the clunky and obese guardians of Gotham.

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