Monday, May 21, 2012

Moran Family Portrait

"Moran Family Portrait"
oil on linen

Here is the Moran family portrait comission. This was a rather difficult painting that took about a year to complete. The roses were based on this earlier post bouquet study.

I hope you are all well, please stay in touch.


nature said...

this is great, shows up very well.. i love the patina. beautiful family :)

colvin said...

thank you Nature! sorry I have been absent for a minute. =)
missed you.

nature said...


Anonymous said...

Well done! Very lucky family to be portrayed so beautifully and uniquely!

colvin said...

Thank you anon! Yes they were very pleased which pleased me very much. Smiles around =)

Ellie Great said...


colvin said...

thank you Ellie
much love