Saturday, March 3, 2012

bouquet study

"bouquet study 1a"
mixed media on paper
3x5 inches approx.

This is a study of a bouquet of flowers for a family portrait for which I have been commissioned. I am looking forward to sharing the final painting when it has reached its 'completion'. The painting itself has been rather challenging as I think this small study well illustrates in its complexity. This is of course the skeletal view of what will be a flourishing and probably rather overlooked portion in the final work.
If this element survives through to the end however, it will be a subtle and crucial aspect to the whole of the painting. The bouquet might help expand the story of the painting and its characters as well as guide your eye.

I am pleased to give props to Hyancarlo Monroy for his help with my projects. Hyancarlo is a talented young designer here in NYC that is working with me on a big project due for completion in the mid summer of 2012. If any of you need a talented designer email me and we will make the contacts.
After a long day he went home and scanned this out of my sketchbook which I gave him and he emailed it to me because I am still without a scanner (see post below 'update' for explanation of the dead equipment).

Its very important to stand by your work and those you believe in.

I hope you are all well, and happy; or at least striving to be so out there in these challenging times.

Until next time, much love

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