Wednesday, April 28, 2010

here come the oils

"Self Portrait 2010a"
Oil on Gessoboard 18x24

So here is the first of the portraits in oil. I am working this smaller size to assess and resolve some problems in the technique and also because I am trying to secure the funds for large linens. It has proven successful in my opinion in translating from the smaller mixed media works to a larger oil painting. There was some doubt in my mind if these would work in the larger format or if they would be better left in the smaller size. Now that I see it can be done, my goal for these are large full scale paintings like Chuck Close has done. I have three more of these currently in the works which I will share with you later.
Please see a detail shot below.


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Sheilah Rogers said...

These are GREAT! oh Chris, I wish I could see them in person.. :)