Sunday, February 28, 2010

The show must go on

In these times of stress and strain and long cold days that never seem to end, I sometimes need to take a little detour from the big looming deadline of "New York City Abstracts" preparation. So I offer for you the following picture. These little mixed media paintings are so much fun to do that they remind me that painting isn't all about business and taking over the world etc.
So here you have it: a small sojourn from the big path that is my solo show prep life along a little side trail that was quite fun for me to indulge in for a moment. That being said, now I have to get back to the big task at hand. The next post on this blog will include images of the final three pieces for this years 2/20 gallery show.

"Abstract Bust of a Smiling Girl" (AB1)
Mixed media on card (Image size approx 5"x7")

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