Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new york city abstracts sneak a peek

So here is a peak at what I have been up to for the last year. What you see below is six of the nine paintings I will be showing at this years 2/20 gallery show. Of course, when looking at these on the web you are missing out on one of the most important aspects in these works and that is the surface. Each of these paintings took a good deal of time working up the surface which really is one of the strong points in these paintings. I am excited about all of these paintings each for their own reasons. These were notoriously difficult to document but we did our best with the conditions we have. The final three works not pictured here are a bit smaller : 18x24 linen mounted on panels. They further explore the idea of melting snow/ice and I am thinking of doing a whole series of larger works in that style. As soon as I finish them I will post images here on this page. So take a look at what I have been up to! Click on image for expanded view. All rights reserved.

"Essex Street Station Beams Oxidizing"
2009 oil on linen 30x40 (76.2 cm x 101.6cm)


"Old Manhattan as Viewed Over The East River"
2009 oil on linen 30x40 (76.2 cm x 101.6cm)

"Melting Snow in Central Park"
2009 oil on linen 30x40 (76.2 cm x 101.6cm)

"Midnight Manhattan"
2009 oil on linen 30x40 (76.2 cm x 101.6cm)

"New York City Abstract: Melting Snow"
2009 oil on canvas 36x48 (91.4 cm x 121.9cm)

"Strange Cloud Formations Over New York Harbor"
2009 oil on linen 36x60 (91.4cm x 152.4cm)

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