Saturday, May 16, 2009

from the pan to the pillow

Pan to Pillow

farewell old friend to brighter waters

In this case the work speaks for itself and the collector has made a great choice. This painting has been around (somewhere near X0,000 miles travel time) to come to it's new home. Relishing in the slim and dazziling moments is what makes a painting tip into the "very bright" scale. The other truly satisfying nature of this painting is the unknown and unseen strokes which may haunt for years. Trends be damned.

This particular piece, going to a respected partner of mine that I consider a friend...after all these years I have carried it, seems to represent both.
Painted in San Francisco and finally given a home in New York.

-Its always difficult to watch your kids make their way into adulthood, and the moment of their departing is of course played in repeat as you wonder (attempting to sleep) if the skills they have received of you are sufficient to face their future.

"The Sunset District"

sunset district 1997
30"x36" oil on linen
mounted on artists panel


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