Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day before the show!

Hello everyone! Today is the day before opening night of The Myths of Town and Country and its a lovely day here in New York. A cool Spring day the first of which we have really seen. My cousin and his girlfriend have arrived safely and I have managed to get about four hours of sleep in so I'm feeling rather elastic. Got the week off of work and now that the apt. is clean and all the paintings are out the door and all the other prep work that I can do is basically done, well.... I don't know what to do. Its hard to stop when you have been going a thousand miles per hour for six months straight.

The post today has some pics both from the mental health project night as well as the hanging of the 2/20 show opening tomorrow night.

The MHP event was a smash success! The place was so crowded that at one point it was almost impossible to move around. The wine was good and the snacks delightful. Two of my works were bid upon multiple times (the two smaller ones on either side of the photo below) and the little one (photo left) had a bidding war ensue in the closing moments. The large one in the middle was the most expensive and I don't actually know if it was bid on. There was interest but I don't think anyone made the plunge in the end. Oh well, my paintings that at first do not succeed are always welcome back on my walls at home. Thanks to Melany and Ivan for making it to the event! It is always a comfort to have familiar faces around when faced with a crowd of curious strangers inspecting your life's ambition.

Me and my wall Soho

On Sunday my friend Rodger who does installations professionally helped me put up my show. Actually, I helped him put up my show. It looks great! Just the way I had drawn it out from my imagination. It was a complicated install taking roughly nine hours and by the end of it we were tired and sore but in good spirits and ready for a glass of wine. Anyway, Thanks Rodger! Your the man.
Please enjoy a couple of shots of the install below:

Miguel and I @ 220 Gallery

Rodger G. hanging Weather Veins

Ivan W. and I taking a quick lean on the ladder break.

So, this will be the last update until after the opening night. I will be putting up a huge update which I have been promising in the last six months when I was too overwhelmed to look after this page. I think I will be doing several smaller posts in favor of one massive post from hell. But who knows, maybe one massive post from hell will be better. At any rate, check back on Sunday and there should be significant news and lots and lots of pics for you to see.
Until then: Salude!
-Christopher Colvin

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