Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mimachan Studios and other news

I realize that my "weekly" posts have been few and far between but there is good reason for it being so. I am still working at a break neck pace for my upcoming show in Chelsea. Well, working a secular job for 50 hours a week in addition to this preparation certainly makes it feel like a break neck pace. Actually I spent a few minutes doing my "blocking" for the show and I realized that when I finish the works I have planned I will almost have TOO much new stuff for this gallery.
I am home in the studio today feeling a bit under the weather. I finally just called in sick so I could get some extra sleep today and now that I got that sleep I must get back to painting. With lots of tea and breaks for Airborn capsules of course. I feel pretty lucky actually this year having not been too sick because everyone around me has been wickedly ill except me. I hope to keep it that way.

I must say that living in New York has been the most challenging and rewarding time of my life. My partner Prudence and I have accomplished so much in the last two years and we have weathered some of the more scary and unsettling moments of our lives as well. She has been like a wonderful piece of clay: strong as the earth itself and yet malleable enough to bend and change shape and form with the shifting torque of her environments. I really have to tell you all how much I admire Prudence for her tenacity, work ethic and stubbornness. I just hope that all my tireless efforts complement hers and as the years go by eventually we can dust ourselves off and get a bit of respite... perhaps southern Spain or maybe near Los Olivos Ca.

With Prudence in mind please check out her weekly updated blog Mimachan studios.
She actually does update regularly unlike yours truly. I must say her work is steadily evolving into a strange and captivating thing that I imagine in my mind much like a scene or snapshot from a marionette casting. Her paintings are charming and unique and she usually accompanies them with a poem or short story.

Very soon now I will be offering a "Mega-Post" of all the work to be featured in the show at the 2/20 gallery. This will make up for, in a small way, all the weeks I have neglected this blog...
Oh and just a side point, if you want to party like its 1999 with us after the show please let me know so I can warn the bars of lower Manhattan to be ready for the doors to be blown off their hinges!

detail from the 12 figures (2007). Shown here is Prudence, Christopher and Justice Mika.

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