Sunday, December 4, 2011

low low down with bright light

big city girls lose their minds (detail of sketch 2010)

Thoughts on gravity and particle dispersment
(4:00pm brooklyn)

Planets are set on their side by means of unimaginable impacts back in time.
The sky is full of mystery which we exist for and dwell upon.
And here in our oasis we live, love, kill and die. Pushing ever towards our mystifying destiny.
And in that paradise we step with our misguided graces. As people we move so fast.

The cosmos is rich and full of particles which run on their own rules. They move through us always, even now as you read. We are of particle dispersment through the ages. Gravity helps this process over the envelope of time. It is a folded envelope with particles from the beginning of these exquisite dramas.

From macroscopic to microscopic we flow in spite of ourselves in this expansive and ironically constrictive eddy. In this burbling river of time and coincidences we wander.
Simple bubbles we are in this stream.

Enjoy your convex nature until you burst.

And I for my part, as a shell of a man will float with my empty buoyancy into this vortex.

She was seeing things in the night as we drove across the badlands. Animals or ghosts, I saw them too! Moving so fast and shimmering. And later I had frozen hands trying to work the key against the lock. I should have known then what was coming.

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