Monday, July 19, 2010

abstract bust 20 african bust 2a

AB20 African Bust 2a
Mixed media on bristol paper
(Image size approx 8"x10" overall frame 16"x20")

So here we have a bit of a milestone in that I have reached TWENTY abstract busts! You may recognize this image from an earlier post as Abstract Bust 9a. This one is has been expanded though to include her head ornamentation as well as some of her clothing.
This image is the study for a larger oil which I think will be on display next year at a VERY high profile venue in Manhattan. I don’t want to go too much into details at this time for fear of jinxing it but I will relate all the details to you as they become more definite in the future. I have already lined out this image on a 36x48 inch linen and I must say she is going to be a stunner. Stay tuned for more details forthcoming.

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