Sunday, November 15, 2009

symbiosis of sorts

The philosophy of this years works is all about an overall cohesive theme, that of course being nature as viewed from the abstract eye. It has proved to be a rewarding challenge for me to curtail my naturally diverse sensibility in regards to my compositions and hone my eye as one might with very delicate machines. With that in mind I have already begun to contemplate my 2010-2011 body of work. At this point I am intending to marry my older character driven works with what I have developed here in the 2009-2010 season. That is to say I envision a union of polished abstract landscapes with selectively placed human elements in the form of 'small characters'. *update: The 2010-2011 concept has changed to large scale portraits and busts* This years landscapes shall prove to be the elegant and complex backdrops for the equally compelling human dramas. If you will, please look at the following pictures and imagine images of this ilk to be subtlely intertwined with the 'abstracts of nature' in the soon to be future works.
To see more older works on my soon to be revamped website please visit:

"Absolute Idols"

"The Widow"

"Hope 1997"
Private Collection

"figure of a standing youth 1997
(after late 5th century b.c. sculpture, china)"

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I miss these paintings. I was there when...