Sunday, August 2, 2009

J train in Bushwick

"J Train on Bushwick Elevated"
07-09 pen on linen

We live right near a great workhorse and a symbol of American grit and ingenuity. Subways being much more challenging from the engineering perspective, an elevated train offers an awe inspiring view out in the open of what of is possible with enormous fast moving objects. It is at once loud, graceful, industrial and decaying and in higher demand for its services than ever. The J,M and rarely seen Z lines run right along Broadway in Bushwick.

Its been an unusually wet and rainy summer. I don't mind that at all of course because I prefer it to be raining when its really humid rather than just hot and sticky. So in this little drawing we have a view of the great lumbering train and the vertical assent of the rain clouds in the sky. This is only a detail of this drawing as the sky contiues off screen, the heavy clouds appering at odds with one another in a biomorphic display.

I am hammering out a couple of ideas for my upcoming show at the 2/20. At the moment "Atmospheres and Erosion's: new abstracts" is winning out. This will be a much leaner show than last year with a total of probably ten to twelve oil paintings.

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