Monday, October 6, 2008

Imperial Bird #2

"Toyokuni of the Ancient Imperial Court""

5x7 oil on gessoboard 10-06-08



The lovely and powerful Toyokuni was in her time considered something of a goddess. Put into
contemporary times she would be an "absolute idol". A celebrity extraordinaire.
She was truly at her strongest in terms of power and grace and her hold on her peoples when she met with her assassins sword. The resulting fallout lead to the untimely deaths of no less than half of her cabinet. Thus the heretofore tenuous peace unraveled into the now infamous 250 year long civil war.
To this day a large statue in Toyokuni's honour stands on the land of the ancient kingdom of the birds. Even now in the current strife she is met with reverence from both sides of the conflict.

Due to her strength of will and tact, male children have been named after her now for generations. Her name has become the name of choice for strong boys and men in the lower peninsula in our modern times.

"The Graceful Toyokuni"

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