Monday, August 4, 2008

Utilities # 5

Utilities #5
Birds, Lights and Cameras #2.

5x7 oil on gessoboard. 08-04-08



One of the things in life that will never cease to amaze me is the tenacity of some creatures. Wet behind the ears and no doubt sick with youth I will never forget the revelation I had at the genius of evolution when glimpsing the beaten, stained but living pigeons beneath the Division Street bridge in San Francisco many years ago. I remarked to a mutual enemy of sorts that it was amazing to me how such small defenseless creatures could survive at all let alone flourish in such a harsh environment. His response was something to the effect that the city probably helps them survive being that they are scavengers. I suppose so, but I will never forget the respect I felt for those illustrious and elegant "rats of the sky".

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