Friday, August 8, 2008

Utilities #4 r.2

Utilities #4 (release 2)
Lamppost with City Hall in background.

5x7 oil on gessoboard. 07-20-08

(re-release 08-08-08)

please contact me for purchase info

#18 (release 2)

The large statue atop the Municipal Building (Civic Virtue c. 1915) in New York is second in size only to that of the Statue Of Liberty in all of NYC.
I have done a bit of gold leaf in the past and when I look at an enormous thing like that covered in leaf I feel a sense of awe.
And frankly, wow what a lot of work that must have been.
This little painting is bright and colorful incorporating only the very finest materials available.

NOTE: This piece was bid on but the buyer found a little piece she/he felt was more to their style on my blog so I gladly accommodate.
Being that a few other people were interested in this painting I thought it only fare to RE-LIST it
being that it is STILL AVAILABLE.
Thank you.

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