Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nearly the End of Summer Update

Well, we have almost made it through what is personally my least favorite season here in NYC. I tend to have a hot core and when it gets hot and humid, well I wind up not feeling very well. That being said though, by most accounts this has been a pretty mild summer. Of course I have just doomed us all to a late heat wave now. Sorry everyone!

So how about a quick recap of some of the adventures we have had this summer? One of the more notable occasions was our friend Amy made it for a visit all the way from Australia. We showed her the bright lights big city action with many stops for drinks and food along the way. We love you Amy!

Prudence and I took the metro north way up into the Bronx to the New York Botanical Garden where there was a Henry Moore sculpture exhibit on. We quickly became members which means we have guest passes should you come and visit!

There were some fantastic parties along the way, most notably Rebeca's b-day party at Cafe Anyway in the east village. Also was Lee's party to end all parties at his incredible home in Fort Green. I want your house Lee. Jen and Liz's rooftop party was awesome too. Made some new friends on a rooftop in Brooklyn.

This summer also saw the humble beginnings of this web page which your are now reading (thanks for actually reading all this, you get a gold star). This summer I have painted/posted so far 24 smaller paintings and one larger painting. What you don't see is that behind the scenes I have three larger paintings going right now as well the skeletal structures of about ten more little paintings in various degrees of completion. Take all of that and add a close to 50 hour a week work schedule and I think you have the essence of New York living: BUSY and TIRED. But happy and hopeful.

A special thanks to all of you that have been loyal to Colvin Studios Weekly Report. The summer is painfully slow in regards to web traffic/sales because everyone is on vacation but things will get popping here pretty soon as the fall and winter come on. Meanwhile today I am at home from work with a damaged spine. An old neck/back injury which has put me in my place and said: "stop! rest now" so I am obliged to listen to my body. Anyway stay tuned and keep watching the skies!

Christopher Colvin
Bklyn 08-23-08

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