Tuesday, May 27, 2008

opening day!

Hello everyone. This is the first of what will be many posts on my new blog. The purpose of this blog is to keep you all updated as to the happenings of Prudence and I here in NYC. It is my plan to post two or three small paintings a week available for purchase through paypal. This will take me a couple of days to make available. As time goes on and I fine tune this process I will hopefully post a new painting on a daily basis. This website is a work in progress so be patient. And with that lets get things started:

"Lost Immigrant" 5x7 oil on clayboard. 05-27-08



Here in New York one is struck by the sheer diversity of the people wandering through the concrete valleys. There are often moments in which I catch a lost and frightened expression on the faces of some of these people. A great deal of NYC's inhabitants are from other countries for which the insanity of New York is utterly foreign. Often poor and alone in the city they are truly cast adrift. This painting is a fantasy in honor of those trying to make their way out here.


mabel said...

Absolutely beautiful! I thought it might be Prudence at first...


Details said...

Thanks Sheils!

Andreanna said...

Lovely painting! Hope you get lots of sales with your new blog!

Mikale said...

great idea Chris - keep it up