Tuesday, September 10, 2013


If your in the NYC area please join me for my next exhibit! Kings County Bar 286 Seigel St. (between Bogart and White St.) Brooklyn NY 11206 L train to Morgan stop.
I hope to see you there! Thanks to Jo Pate for the graphic design action.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

some sketchbook action from South Africa

So here are some of the sketches I did while in Africa. These are all watercolor, pens and pencils on paper approx 9x12 inches. I hope you enjoy! c

"Table Mountain and Lionshead"



"Fictitious Bird in Frantic Flight"

"An Imaginary African Vista"

sailing birds

 "Sailing Birds"
Watercolor, technical pens on paper
16x20 framed

I wanted to share a commissioned piece I did back in December.

Friday, December 28, 2012

greetings from S.A.

Hello everyone !
I am writing you from Port Elizabeth South Africa. I just landed after a long couple of flights (the longest being 15 hours from jfk to Joburg) and I have finally had a hot shower. Its so good to be back in the southern hemisphere again I cant even explain it. Of course, in my haste I forgot my camera (and sunglasses lol) but that's okay because even though my phone doesn't work for communication, I can still take photos.
Its an intense environment here which I feel right at home in and as soon as I can I will certainly post some shots.
Much love to my family here for letting me get online and also feeding me and much love for my friends back home that are concerned for my safety.

More from me soon, in the meanwhile I hope you are all safe and warm there in the winter time while `I soak up a second summer under the southern cross. +)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

paradise from hell

Well, I'm off to Hawaii tomorrow and I wanted to leave you guys with a poem. I dont usually do that but I hope you enjoy all the same:

(4:00 PM 08-21-11 BROOKLYN)

Planets are set on their side by means of unimaginable impacts back in time.
The sky is full of mystery which we exist for and dwell upon.
And here in our oasis we live, love, kill and die. Pushing ever towards our mystifying
And in that paradise we step with our misguided graces. As people we move so fast.

The Cosmos is rich and full of particles which run on their own rules. They move through us 
always, even now as you read. 
We are of particle dispersment through the ages.
Gravity helps in this process over the envelope of time.
It is a folded envelope with particles from the beginning of these exquisite dramas.

From macroscopic to microscopic we flow in spite of ourselves in this expansive and
ironically constrictive eddy.
In this burbling river of time and coincidences we wander.

Enjoy your convex nature until you burst.



Saturday, October 27, 2012


Today is a sad day. Rest in Peace Blanca.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

for the love of the hood

So I'm walking to the bodega right across the street from my apartment when I come across this lovely sight:

Apparently it had been torched earlier that afternoon. closup:

 The funniest and I mean funniest thing ever (I know that pretty mean of me) is that the poor thing got a parking ticket after the fact. It was seven pm and I hadnt laughed all day, but that made me laugh out loud. Ohhh Brooklyn, gotta love it. Life in the hood is never dull. This was no accidental engine fire, this thing was torched on purpose. The ground was still wet around it from the firemen when I happened upon the scene.